Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nikisha Patel

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The Complete Story of Mobile Phones in My Classroom

As a member of Generation Y, my mobile phone is indeed one of my most used and valuable personal tools. Today’s Mobile phones provide much more than phone calls, with even the most basic models containing a bundle of fancy extras. In 2003 I received my first ever Mobile Phone as a present for finishing year 12, flash forward to 2010 and today’s students could benefit immensely by utilising their phones within their study.So before I got carried away and starting exploring all of the potential ways in which they could be used in a Phys Ed classroom, I decided to survey my students. The reason being is that I didn’t want to introduce a new technology to have it fall on its face because students simply did not have a mobile phone. As you are probably aware, the results showed that almost 95% of students in years 9 or above have a personal mobile phone. There was about 50% access to mobile phones in the younger years, making it at least worth considering.The question now is what ways can you assist those students who do not have access to a device? Well the first way was to develop a class set of used mobile phones. I simply put the call out to teachers and friends to donate an old mobile phone that they knew was never going to be used again. Not suprisingly most of the donated phones we received had a few features including cameras which could even be used without a SIM card.The second way to ensure all have access is to design activities or tasks that have students working in groups that only require one mobile phone. This means that students who do not have access will naturally pair up with those who do. The best thing about this approach is that once you are aware of the students who have and dont have access you can even start make the groups yourself.After sorting out some of the issues relating to access, the next step was to inform parents that students would be able to use their mobile phones under the direct supervision of teachers within my classes. This letter was to stop students exploiting the new possibilities by communicating the facts about where and when they could be utilised. It also provided an opportunity to explain that parents do not need to go and purchase a mobile phone specifically for the class, as a class set was available for use.So with most of the organisation and planning complete it was now time to use them in my Phys Ed classes and heres how.Much And More Mobile Brands Avalible In inida Ex: Nokia, Samsung, Sony Erickson, Korban, Micromax, Cellkon , Somany Mobile Brands Avalible For Indan Maket.


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