Tuesday, June 1, 2010


One of the newer female actors in South India, Abhinayasree took Tollywood by storm when she debuted in the comedy Bhagyalakshmi Bumper Draw
She was then seen in the Telugu film, Aadhi Lakshmi which was barely average.
She has played small roles in other Tollywood films like Michael Madana Kamaraju Friends Colony Mallepuvu , Andariki Vandanalu , and Target
Abhinayasree was also a part of the latest Tamil film, Oru Kadhalan Oru Kadhali

Singles Dating

This article is about singles dating. Dating is an activity undertaken by a couple to assess mutual interest, compatibility and/ or to find love. Methods of dating continue to change but the basic considerations remain the same.

There are many types of singles dating. Traditional dating usually involves some type of entertainment, such as a movie, and dinner. Speed dating is a type of dating where individuals have the opportunity to talk to each other for a specified amount of time and then rotate. Single events dating is where a large group of singles meet for a certain event and are able to mingle. Online dating involves individuals going to a online dating site and submit a profile and perhaps fill out a questionaire. The dating site then matches people according to interests and compatibility. Cell phone dating and mobile dating are where singles talk, leave voicemail messages, or text each other in an effort to get know each better. Blind dates are dates that are set up by mutual friends.

You become sexy when you make the other person feel sexy or good. Being a great conversationalist is a great way to accomplish this. Start the conversation by being more of a listener than a talker. Ask open-ended questions that require more than a "yes" or "no answer." Ask about what the person is wearing. Ask about what the person did that day. Ask about something that happened in the news that day.

Keep the conversation going by continuing to be more of a listener than a talker. Occasionally add something about yourself so the other person can get to know you. Continue to ask open-ended questions. Show that you are interested in what the person has to say. Help the person feel good about his or her accomplishments or what they have to say. Try to find out what the person is passionate about. Try to find out what the person's purpose in life is. What makes him or her happy.

Try to read as much as possible so that you are a well-rounded individual. It is good to know a little about a wide range of topics and also to be aware of current events. That way you will be able to have topics to discuss and also be able to respond to the other person's interests. But remember to keep the spotlight on the other person and listen as much as possible.

It is also important how you end a conversation. End the conversation by telling the person you really enjoyed the conversation. Recap to the person what you took away from the conversation.


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