Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tapsi Panu Hot

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Tips of Unhooking Bra
Two bands wrap around the form, fixing the back. There are usually three vertical columns of hooks and eyes, every column with 1-4 pairs, depending on the width of the strip. The brackets are fixed in the eyes, small semi-circular piece of metal. How to make abra,youmustremovethebracketsintheeye.If you are back before the woman, you can disassemble the hook by simply dragging the strips, first by undo the other, then at an angle of about 45 degrees. It is fairly easy if you can see how they connect.If you are in front of women, applies the same principle. You may push the band have to get closer before it's gone from your point of view blocked. This can be a couple of attempts - trying to get an idea of the connection and how to break it.So if you wear a bra, you have two options: you can reach behind you, or take the straps from her shoulders and turn the first bra, so that the catch in front of you.If the bra is behind you, your hands behind your back, from bottom to top. Enter a band in each hand. "Cross" the tapes and when you click on the release of the hook eye feel, to separatethem.When you turn the bra in front of you, grasp the band in each hand again, thecrossesandsplitthesameway.Maybe if you shear the latch hook / ring together, the open ends of the hook almost 180 degrees, are rotated, then the elastic will pull the group apart immediately! (This can be done via a pinching of fingers, even through a top, to his surprise.)For the ultimate surprise, you can get a bra with one hand like this: Confronted with the bra straps and the use of his right hand, pull the upper end of the tape (hook) button on the right side with the index finger and Simultaneously, the lower left. Once the hooks are free from loops, exits and follow the bra is willing to pay. It may be in the direction of the wearer easy to score with the index to move naturally with the curve of the hook. With a little practice this method is faster and easier.


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