Monday, June 7, 2010


Vishnu Priya is an Upcoming South Indian Actress and started her career in the movie Speed Track, directed by Jayasurya. In the movie Dileep and Gajaala was in lead. She is the second heroine in the film. Earlier she accompanied Koottickal Jayachandran in Surya T.Vs popular show "Comedy Time". She was participated in Asianet's Dance Reality Show "Vodafone Thakathimi".

Vishnu Priya was born and bought up in Bahrain. Her another name is "Ammu". Her father is business man, mother is a housewife. She has one brother also.

Now she is performing as the female lead in Shankar directing movie " Keralotsavam". She is looking forward to do more films in all Indian Languages.

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******************************************************************************************* Bikini History

Bikinis are a common sight on the beach and pool all sides in the world. Whether it is a plunge into the water, or to interpret it, just for sunbathing, women everywhere love of Don bikinis.

However, the bikini has not always been what it is today. In fact, like many other articles of clothing, the bikini has developed dramatically since its beginnings in the fashion world several years ago.

Many believe that the bikini in the existence of only 60 years. But although the jersey today was not until the mid-1940s - and the term "bikini" was first used for the bathing suit in 1946 - the history of this popular two-piece describe actually extends for thousands of years ago.

In Sicily, today is a convincing indication of a number of paintings dating from about 1600BC famous name "Bikini Girls", women are, what we are shown on modern bikinis. Roman mosaics and wall paintings also provide evidence for the Bikini "old" to be worn when cultural norms were relaxed and indulgent, because they come later.
While the bikini was - and is now clearly adopted - in many cultures have been precursors bikini (bathing suit that showed more skin) is not always welcome. For example, during the first design of an interior room - for "decency" and with coverage from ankle to wrist - was published in 1830, Annette Kellerman (an Australian swimmer and performer) in 1907 for wearing a form of "appropriate" for their swimsuit exposed arms and legs stopped.


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