Thursday, July 1, 2010

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Modern Bra celebrates its 100th anniversary this year!
The modern bra, the lay of the New York Mary Phelps Jacob was invented, turned one hundred this year.Phelps Jacob was born in New Rochelle in 1891, a descendant of steamboat inventor Robert Fulton. She was just 19 when she created an alternative to the corset during the preparation of the debutante ball in 1910.The wafer-thin dress she made to wear a corset and the proposed cleavage of whale bones and a heavy cloth, was too complicated.Phelps Jacob asked bind her maid, two white handkerchiefs with pink ribbon.The garment does not completely improvised a lot of support, but he worked with loose dresses of the time, and she has done versions of his friends in high society.Phelps Jacob was granted a patent in 1914, it was sold Warner Brothers Corset Co. for just $ 1,500.At the time of death Phelps Jacobs in 1970, aged 78, bra has become a multi-billion dollars."I can not say that the bra is ever such a large place in history as the ship, but I have not invented," said she wrote.
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