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Ragini Khanna beautiful, talented and energetic upcoming actress, who is also associated with a superstar Govinda. According to her uncle Govinda like her, and she is a wonderful actress. Perfect timing comedy and incredible presence on screen, this actress made a dream in television.

She plays an important role in the Aude Ragini Sharm Rada in soap Betiyaan and her acting was appreciated. Now it makes a great large prime minister once again called "Bhaskar Bharti", which is already a lot of eyes. The new screen and a good comedy timing everything that makes that big serial shocks and get high TRP.
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Swimsuits to Suit Your Body Shape

Women who wear swimsuit, those who usually want a little more attention than a bikini.

Choose carefully and swimwear to pound with your figure, shape and color of construction / model all play an important role. Style-savvy women have long learned the benefit ruching, to hide the shortcomings of shape and color samples and can cover many sins.

Take your time. Be patient. Try several styles of swimwear in various styles, leg length (long legs, medium, low), shape and color blocks.
Swimsuit Style Tips

Here are 10 tips swimsuit style to help you achieve the most flattering look:

1. If you want to divert attention from the bottom half and then select one piece in detail at the top. To distract attention from big breasts, deep V-neck style is more flattering to detail Go around the waist and bottom, with the buckle.
2. Wide range of belts in the upper half will provide support for full breasts, and balance full hips. Pasta ribbons or hair bands will focus on the big bust.
3. Swim feet high (reduction of thigh) will be extending the legs. However, if you have cellulite or dimples that style will not do you any service.
4. Ruching on the belly will hide large Tum. Ruching on the upper half will focus on curves and create the illusion of a fuller bust.
5. Back (lower back) style will distract from the sagging belly or big bust. Another advantage is the great red back.
6. Forget the swimsuit business cards (monokinis), if you have a big belly or thighs. It strict accordance with insects territory.
7. Ruffles, Ruffles and pleats are perfect for adding some curves and femininity in the form of the body of the boy.
8. Visible signs are body shape and give you a waist. Sidebars can give the illusion of curves, especially good for apple shape body.
9. Dark, more than one unit of slimming color, but some models hide figure flaws too. Avoid horizontal stripes if you want to hide a full stomach or chest. If they are very thin, medium or dark print design bases are often more flattering. If you have a large bust, but a small bottom and thighs, bathing with two tons lighter color on the bottom will divert attention from the bustline. Visa back to those who are pear-shaped.
10. Women who have a long torso, is likely to be more comfortable in a tankini. There is an added bonus allows some flexibility when it comes to tanning. This style is suitable for hiding large stomach, ensuring the top is enough to cover the accompanying shorts / overalls.


Nice galleries. She looks good in this photos. I like it.
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